By Michaela Adama

Rihanna has recently released her highly anticipated second fashion collection with Puma. Unlike her first collection which was more sporty chic, this collection takes a more girly meets sports approach as she incorporates silks, bows and more.

Although the theme of the last collection i.e. hoodies, lace-up-corsets and over-sized clothes was incorporated in this collection. The color palette and fabric of this collection emulates the theme of spring as she includes jacquard-esque florals in lavender, lingerie-slips and keeping it soft by using colors like lavender, browns, greens and pinks. Diversity was shown from the display of silk pink, floral jumpsuits to white lace/net dresses.

The main attraction of this collection was the silk bow trainers and sliders in green and pink. This footwear is most suited to the girls who still want to be girly but comfortable.

Bonjour bonjour and welcome to Style on Campus #8! We're about to step into the new season of spring which we couldn't be more excited for! But for now, let's take a look at some of our favourite looks around the Strand campus which are perfect for this transitioning time of year!


Name: Lujain Rajab

Course: Biomed/Engineering

Year: 2

Wearing: Kurt Geiger boots, Michael Kors bag, Tiffany and Co Necklace, Warehouse shirt

Give us some meaning: 'Friends birthday - casual to dinner'


Name: Clare McLoughlin Davis

Course: Geography

Wearing: H&M shoes, rings from Greece, Hommage Tree Jumper

Give us some meaning: 'Warm for cake ale, must wear new jumper, black rules'


Name: Lucy Wedge

Course: Maths msc (Geography)

Wearing: Dorothy Perkins Dress, Olivia Burton Watch, Mango Sweater

Give us some meaning: 'Boots are comfy - I always go casual'


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Faye, Caroline and Federica

by Chloë Chiew

With fashion month over, the major trends for Autumn/Winter 2017 have been revealed. The biggest trends on the runway have consisted of suits, cinched waists and the colour blue.

The suit trend introduces a statement out of the office look that is sure to mark an everyday uniform. The sleek nature of this trend outlines the figures of those who wear this trend, creating beautiful bold shoulders and coordinated outfits.
Chanel Ready to Wear A/W 17

Dior Ready to Wear A/W 17

Dolce&Gabbana Ready to Wear A/W 17

Cinched waists are the perfect way to accentuate ones figure subtly. They add to sculpting the curves of a woman’s body perfectly and classically.

Gucci Ready to Wear A/W 17

Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear A/W 17 
Balenciaga Ready to Wear A/W 17
The colour blue has been popping up everywhere this fashion month. The modest and aesthetically pleasing tones of this colour have created pieces of class and allure.

Miu Miu Ready to Wear A/W 17

Celine Ready to Wear A/W 17

Dior Ready to Wear A/W 17

By Erina Nadzira 
From white bandanas to Planned Parenthood badges to David Bowie’s “This Is Not America”, NYFW saw designers using their catwalk as a way to express their opinion on current events. Dehli-born Ashish Gupta carried the trend on into LFW in his signature spangly twist when presented his about AW17 collection. His collection last season was self-described as “celebration of Indian culture in this country”, an expression of his heartbreak surrounding Brexit. This season Ashish is back to take on Trump, this time, with more gusto (and definitely more glitter) and the results were nothing short of uplifting.

With an echoing choral rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, the show opens with one model walking down the sparkling gold –Follow the yellow brick road!– runway in a sequined rainbow mini dress paired with a matching jacket (and matching mules). Rainbow hues are a recurring theme in Ashish’s AW17 show – from jumpsuits to jumpers to co-ords, near every piece is vibrant and bedazzled.

In the spirit of Ashish’s support of LGBT rights, the standout moment of the show was when the audience burst into spontaneous applause as the bear-esque –considerably stockier than you’d see on the runway– street-cast model Frankie walked out in a blue (unsurprisingly) sequined tee with the slogan “Why be blue when you can be gay?” paired with black leather knee-high boots and matching gloves.
LGBT Pride aside, Ashish AW17 showed solidarity with Mexico with their cast of racially diverse models whose faces were made up to look like Lucha Libre (a Mexican form of professional wrestling) fighters. Within the AW17 collection itself were also pieces more directly aimed at the PoTUS, particularly against his misogyny. This included slogan tees reading “Nasty Woman” and “Pussy grabs back!” in reference to his comments against Hillary Clinton in the final debate and an older video of him controversially telling a journalist to “Grab ‘em by the pussy” respectively.

Ashish tackles all forms of inclusivity from LGBT rights to immigration to feminism, but his protest against Trump is not an angry one. The show closes with the model’s dancing to Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” and that should say it all.  With statement tees that read “You are much lovelier than you think” and “as often as possible, be gentle and kind” paired with varsity team jackets with the words “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” down the sleeves – Ashish’s take on the Americana this season is one that inspires unity, positivity and self-love no matter who you are.

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It probably goes without saying that Sam McKnight counts as the hair and session stylist transforming supermodels such as Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington,  Naomi Campbell or Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner over forty years in order to create some of the most iconic images in popular culture. Close to Princess Diana, Vivienne Westwood, Lady Gaga, David Bowie and Tilda Swinton, the beautifully curated exhibition at Somerset House invited us to join and observe McKnight's creative, daring genius. Entering the rooms without expectations, we were left with a swirling infusion of nostalgia and androgyny, romance, courage, avant-garde, splendor and the irrevocable desire to book a hair cut soon. 
We honestly could not have enjoyed it any more - which is why we thought we should provide a few snapshots for those who missed it: 

Much love,
Federica and
 the KCL FashionSoc Team 

photography by @hilaryfierce and @saracanelas_